Best Infant Car Seat Covers of 2019 – Expert & Mommy Reviews

You’ve bought everything you’ll need for your baby this winter – warm clothes and hats and mittens etc. – and now it’s time for a winter car seat cover. While bundling up your infant will protect them from the effects of cold weather, there’s another important reason – protecting them from accidents. Here is our in-depth review of the best infant car seat covers this winter!

Top 10 Infant Car Seat Covers

Our 1st Pick:  JJ Cole Car Seat Cover  – Comes With Tri Stitch

This car seat cover is another hit with a five-star rating. Made of soft fleece and weather-resistant nylon, it will keep your child warm even on the most freezing days. Its many users testify to its ease and functionality. It looks great and is very easy to zip and unzip. Inside, users say it is soft and thick. Its cozy, warm cover has a unique universal fit.

It can be used on joggers, car seats, and strollers. It has a removable top for improved temperature control. The child can be covered adequately in cold weather. As it gets warmer, the cover is adjusted. Saving you the hassle of carrying a separate blanket, this excellent product comes in both infant and toddler sizes. It is also available in a wide variety of fashionable colors.


Our Second Choice: JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me Winter Infant Car Seat Cover –  Outstanding Warmth

This winter car seat cover is no exception to JJ Cole’s vast selection of luxurious baby items. Quilted and lined with a Thermaplush lining, the multifunctional Urban Bundle Me is an elegant and stylish way to make sure your child stays warm every winter, be it in a jogger, car seat, or stroller. It’s fabulously easy to use. It can seem intimidating at first, with some buyers reporting feeling unsure that they would be able to put it on. This, however, is an erroneous first impression.

Once you get this, you won’t need any more extra blankets. It’s quite easy to zip up once your bundle of joy is in the car seat, and it will keep him or her snug and warm. It’s ideal for the winter season.
With its high-quality blend of fabrics that include the weather-resistant fleece nylon, this car seat cover focuses on making every ride as pleasant as possible. Thanks to its nice and bulky construction, the cover also makes for a great heat generator in freezing weather. On top of all this, it features several zippered flaps to enable one to custom fit it to the baby’s car seat with no problem.

Our Third Choice: Britax B-Warm Insulated Infant Car Seat Cover for Winter

This plush, all-weather, insulated cover from Britax is another option in a long line of parent-approved car seat covers. Excellent even in the coldest temperatures, this cover offers a zippered snap closure and flip-up sides so that you can make sure your baby is comfy and cozy at all times no matter the temperature outside. Parents love it because it means you don’t have to wake the child when moving from car to home. The flaps, zipper, and snaps make is very easy to go from freezing temps outside to warm places indoors without having to wake the baby.

Our 4th Pick:  Brica SmartCover Infant Car Seat Cover With Canopy

When you’re traveling with your baby, you want to make sure they feel comfortable regardless of the weather. This is much easier with Brica’s SmartCover car seat. It features a dual layer design that has an insulating and a breathable mesh layer, which can be customized for your baby’s warmth. This cover comes with a wide zipper opening and an adjustable canopy for extra protection. It’s designed with the baby’s maximum comfort in mind.

The cover is thick enough to block out direct sunlight, fully retractable, and very easy to install on the baby carrier or walker. You will find that it can accommodate carriers or walkers of any size, as expected.

This product is truly one of a kind. The mesh panel protects your baby from germs, insects, leaves, and nosy strangers. However, it is very breathable and allows visibility, adequate air circulation, and privacy. The big zipper opening enables quick access to the child, which is particularly important during feeding time.

The Brica cover also comes with a retractable sun canopy to keep the child away from the harmful effects of rain and UV rays. It folds easily into a zippered case for easy portability and features a reflective safety strip for clear visibility at night.

Our Fifth Pick:  Kids N Such Car Seat Cover Canopy

Every busy mom knows that multi-use products are the key to a successful outing with the baby. That’s just what you get with this “Kids N Such” car seat canopy. Doubling as both a nursing and year-round car seat cover, this is a must-have item for moms on-the-go everywhere.

This versatile, multifunctional baby car seat cover has a range of uses that will make the lives of the infant and the nursing mother a lot easier. It is not only a great car seat, but can also be used as a shopping cart and nursing cover. The high-quality stretchable rayon enables maximum stretch without tearing. It is ideal for protecting the baby from the outside elements.

This multifunctional use is possible thanks to the trademarked Peekaboo flap, which is not canopied like most car seats. The flaps at the front make it possible to get a glimpse of your baby without waking them up.

This is a fantastic cover and excellent baby shower gift for breastfeeding mothers because they can wear it around their necks to cover their chest and the baby if they do not wish to display their breasts in public.

Our Sixth Choice: The Classic by Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl’s classic is a cozy cover with a wide range of uses. Mothers can use it as a shopping cart cover, a car seat cover, a highchair cover, or a nursing cover, and even as an infinity scarf. The all-season cover folds well for convenient storage. The soft blend of rayon is gentle on the baby’s skin. It keeps the baby warm and safe from germs, bugs and insects.

The stretchy material allows mothers to breastfeed their babies in public comfortably. The Classic is a thoughtful baby shower gift for young parents. It is also machine-washable with an innovative dual zipper design for easy access to car safety straps and the baby. Complete with a peek-a-boo opening, mothers can rest assured their babies will be safe.

Copper Pearl’s product is stretchy, strong and pleasant to the touch. The extra stretch does not compromise on durability. Despite the excellent quality, this particular cover remains quite affordable.

Our 7th Choice:  Multi-Use Winter Car Seat Cover

This four-in-one cover does it all if that’s what you’re looking for. It is a warm, knitted cotton car seat cover that can also serve as a shopping cart cover, nursing cover, and high chair cover. This makes it an exceptionally practical choice. Suitable for both boys and girls, it offers easy installation and peace of mind because it will stay on the seat even during the roughest ride. At the same time, it is breathable enough to keep your child comfortably cool.

Made with Velcro strap closures and of 100% cotton, the baby car seat cover is soft and durable. It also fits universally on all car seat models.


Our Eight Choice:  Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Infant Car Seat Cover

This exceptionally cozy, water-resistant option is made from a polyblend, is lined with plush fleece, and comes with an extra blanket shaped to swaddle the baby. Parents are very happy with this cover, saying it has protected their babies even in extremely cold weather.

The built in blanket is the best feature apart from water resistance. The cover blocks out strong winds outdoors, harsh rays of the sun, insects, debris, and large particles. The car seat cover has a very nice shade to relax in when outside.

This can serve and function as a nursing cover and a shopping cover. It is made of durable, highly breathable, non-transparent fabrics that make it easily foldable and lightweight.

Our Ninth Choice: 7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon for Warmth in Winter

Your baby will be completely snug thanks to 7 AM’s car seat cocoon. With convenient central and side zippers and a micro-fleece lining, this machine-washable cover is the perfect option for rough winters. The fleece lining provides extra warmth to your baby without generating too much heat under the canopy. It has a tiny peek cover where you can see the baby’s face and through which the baby can look around. At the same time, the cover doesn’t let too much light in. It can also keep the baby dry in a moist or humid environment.

This cover keeps out insects, germs, and unwanted human contact. It is best suited for infant car seats. It is suitable for girls and boys.

Final Selection:  Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover

This portable, ultra-plush, universal fit car seat cover from Skip Hop Stroll & Go is worshipped by moms thanks to its soft flip collar and easy to use snaps. This car seat cover ensures your baby is safely buckled in and comfortable thanks to its roll-away front flap for easy access to your baby and your car seat’s straps. The cover lets you transform an old car seat into an elegant and tasteful new one. It is made of top quality materials and is ideal for protecting your baby from the elements.

The cover can also serve as a nursing or shopping cart cover apart from being a very convenient baby carrier shade. It’s also very affordable given its high overall quality.

What to Look for When Buying an Infant Car Seat Cover

Infant car seat covers are indispensable in terms of guaranteeing your baby a healthy environment, especially as you travel. It is therefore crucial to choose a cover that is best suited for your baby’s needs. Here are a few things to look out for.

Large Zippable and Adjustable Opening

The best car seat covers feature a large zipper, which offers easy access to the baby. You can take the baby in and out of the car seat without having to remove the cover. You will also want to get a cover with concealed stretch, offering elasticity to a particular standard. A good stretch allows you to add toys or a nice warm blanket for your child.

Neat Fold

A cover with a neat fold will be just the thing you need when you want to carry it to the park or even store it, which will increase its life cycle because it will be less prone to tears and pricks. It is also easier to carry around.

Insect and Germ Protection

To protect your child from annoying bugs and insects, you should go for a cover that guarantees insect protection. Such products feature a stretchable anti-insect mesh that creates a barrier for dropping leaves and keeps insects away from the baby. The mesh enables adequate circulation in and out of the cover and also makes room for sufficient sunlight, but doesn’t let too much in.


A parent should always go for an infant car seat cover that enables easy adjustment of the safety harness to secure the baby in their seat. The straps also need instant on and off reflexes so that it is easier to remove the baby from the seat in case of an emergency. The car seat cover should also be of durable, yet soft material to act as a shock absorber as the car traverses rough and potholed roads.

Space Saver Pouch

When shopping for a cover for your child’s car seat, go for one with a space saver pouch. The car seat cover folds neatly into a square or rectangular shape and into the head flap pouch. After it is zipped, you can carry it in your diaper bag or purse or wear the attached loop around your wrist. With a space saver pouch, you can take the cover anywhere you go. It can also be stored dust-free and efficiently.

Universal Fit

The best infant car seat cover should fit around any shape or size of car seat easily. This will enable parents to use it over time, no matter how many times the seat is changed. A car seat cover should be easy to install too, ideally with the help of easy to follow manufacturer guidelines.

Even as you drive through rugged roads, the cover should remain well positioned and should be easy to remove whenever you want to clean it.


Comfort is undeniably crucial. The latest research shows that children of parents who do not secure them in their seats comfortably are more prone to fatigue. Regardless of the external conditions, an infant car seat cover ensures that your child is comfortable. A good cover should be warm and cozy enough for your baby to fall asleep and padded to act as a shock absorber as you drive through bumpy roads.

Peek-a-boo Flap

It is not recommended to leave a child completely unattended even if the infant car seat cover offers it guaranteed protection. The car seat should allow you room to catch a glimpse of your baby as you drive to make sure they are ok. Don’t keep your baby completely hidden from view – a good cover should allow your baby to take in some fresh air and sunlight.

Money Back Guaranteed

Some infant car seat covers can be very expensive, so you should go for the one that lives up to its reputation. Decide which seat cover fulfills most, if not all, your requirements after checking the features. If the car seat cover is adapted to keep your baby safe from insects, dust, and drastic temperature changes, and is warm and adjustable, it is a good pick. You do not need to buy a new one because it can be used for your next child where applicable.


One infant car seat cover can give you everything you need. A cover that is multipurpose is very convenient for everyday use because its use is not strictly limited to the car seat. Choose one that you can use while changing the baby’s diaper, nursing, or as a beautiful warm blanket. It should also allow room to adapt most of the crucial features to meet your child’s need. The cover should also fold neatly and easily for you to carry around.

360° Coverage

The cover should cover the car seat completely. This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. The cover of your choice should go over through the front and back of the car seat. The only spaces you should leave are the ones incorporated in the cover, such as the peak-a-boo and the anti-insect netting. Full coverage means the child will be protected from dust and germs and safe. It will also  make sure that the cover sits in place.

Diaper Changing Mat

Although baby changing rooms are now available at many public facilities, they aren’t very safe despite obviously being a very welcome respite. You can spread the infant car seat cover on the surface, lay your baby over it and groom them as needed. This will ensure extra protection against germs.

Infinity Scarf

The infant car seat cover can be used as an infinity scarf, from where you can nurse your baby comfortably. Some covers are in the shape of an infinity scarf. You can use it as a stylish accessory or a functional tool, with which to breastfeed your baby if the cover is not too bulky.

Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

The car seat cover can double as a high chair and shopping cart cover when you’re out shopping with your bundle of joy. Just place the cover on the baby’s compartment in the trolley and they will sit comfortably as you shop. During mealtimes, you can place the car seat cover on your baby’s high chair for extra comfort so they don’t feel upset, or at least not as upset as they otherwise would. The child will adapt itself eventually. With time, meals will get shorter and more efficient.

Final Word

The paramount reason to look into getting a car seat cover involves your child’s safety in the event of a crash. Besides providing the appropriate amount of warmth for your child during the coldest months of the year, a car seat cover will make sure the little one stays safe.

When it comes to traveling in the winter with your baby, car seats and coats are a bad mix. You could end up leaving the car seat’s harness too loose when you leave a child’s coat on while they’re in a car seat as you try to make up for the added cushioning.

Harness looseness can lead to the child moving around and being ejected from the seat altogether (worst-case scenario). You will secure your baby properly while also keeping them snug and warm all winter long if you invest in a car seat cover.

Our last word – never settle for anything substandard when scouting the market for the best infant car seat. Some generic covers may injure your baby, mainly because there is a high risk of suffocation.

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