Britax B-Safe 35 Review – Pros, Cons, and Features

Let us get one thing clear, your baby will never as delicate and vulnerable as he or she is as a newborn or infant. This is the stage at which your bundle of joy needs your utmost care and protection. In this regard, you should settle for nothing short of the best infant car seat for your infant.

Any of the leading experts in the industry today can attest that the Britax B Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is one of the best, in this regard.  While there are numerous car seat products to choose from in the market today, not all of them are good enough for your child.  If you have come across this seat, you already know how aesthetically appealing it is.

However, the product offers your kid much more than just impressive looks; it has all the safety and convenience features you would need in a car seat. Throughout this guide, you will learn why the B Safe 35 is a preferred car seat for thousands of mothers across the globe.

Key Features

  • – A removable head pillow
  • – A deep seat pan
  • – A large canopy
  • – Made of EPP Energy Absorbing foam
  • – Features side impact protection
  • – Has a deep, protective shell
  • – Offers 2 buckles/strap positions
  • – Features push-on style deluxe lower LATCH connectors
  • – An Ergonomic handle
  • – Approved by FAA for aircraft use
  • – Manufactured in the USA
  • – Has a lifespan of 6 years
  • – Equipped with dual-recline angle indicators
  • – Features a smooth bottom base
  • – Has built in LockOffs for installation without base
  • – Spring assisted reline
  • – Equipped with harness pads
  • – Has an impact absorbing base
  • – Features an integrated steel frame construction


  • – The base can be a little bit difficult to level

Why Would You Buy This Infant Car Seat?

As an exclusive rear-facing car seat, the B Safe 35 is carefully engineered to offer you the best blend of top-of-the-range safety features and ease of use in the industry. To achieve this, the product is made of two main parts; the seat base and the actual car seat.

This being the case, you will find the product easier to strap the baby in, install and remove from the car as well as lightweight and comfortable to carry around. Discussed below are some of the aspects that make this seat a must-buy product for mothers today.

1. Safety First

The main purpose of any car seat is to ensure that your kid is safe in the event of an accident, right? For the period the Britax Manufacturer has been in business, it has established its place in the market as a manufacturer of some of the strongest and safe baby products available today.

The B Safe 35 car seat by this manufacturer is not an exception, In this regard. Some of the aspects that make this product so rigid and safe include:

  • – Impact resistant foam
  • – An energy-absorbing steel base
  • – Large canopy to shield the baby from direct sunlight
  • – The use of SafeCell technology by the manufacturer
  • – Remarkable side impact protection

With so many safety features to offer, you can clearly see that this product is essentially designed to keep your child safe and comfortable. So, how exactly will the seat keep your infant safe and well protected against injuries?

Contoured Shell Design

The contoured shell design of the Britax B Safe 35 seat is not only aesthetically appealing; it is also functional. As a matter of fact, this design plays an integral role in protecting your baby against injuries in the event of an accident.

Under normal driving conditions, this design will help restrain the baby’s head and prevent it from moving from side to side. The cradle of the seat, on the other hand, will keep your child’s body securely restrained in the car seat. When combined, these design aspects improve the safety rating of the seat significantly.

SafeCell Safety Technology

Well this can be a little bit confusing for many uninformed parents. The patent SafeCell Impact Protection by the Britax Manufacturer features components that are specifically meant to protect the child beyond the current federal safety standards. This may sound a little bit overrated, but it actually is the truth. The SafeCell technology comprises of 4 main components that are designed to enhance safety, as described below:

  • # Impact-Stabilizing Steel Frame

Not only does the steel frame on this seat enhance its durability, it is specifically designed to improve the safety offered by the seat.  Basically, the steel frame will offer strength and support for the baby where you need it the most.  For instance, the steel frame will offer a substantial amount of strength throughout the baby’s spine.

Additionally, the frame will offer enough strength at all the connection points of the seat to the car. Such aspects will considerably reduce forward flex of the baby should the car decelerate instantaneously.

  • # Impact-Absorbing Base

In the event of a car crash, the impact absorbing base of the B Safe 35 infant car seat will compress. This, in turn, absorbs a considerable amount of crash energy. Additionally, the compression will counteract any forward movement by the baby. With such capabilities, this component will effectively keep your child clear of the sets in front of him or her.

  • # Impact-Absorbing Harness Pads

Just as is the case with the impact absorbing steel frame described above in this Britax B Safe 35 review, these harness pads will reduce any forward movement by the baby. In the event of an accident, the impact absorbing harness pads will absorb impact energy and prevent the baby from jerking forward from the seat.

  • # Impact-Absorbing Tether

In its functioning, the unique impact absorbing tether on this product uses a 2-strap design to reduce seat rotation. Additionally, this tether also plays a role in minimizing movement of the baby. This is achieved using patent rows of stitching by the manufacture. The rows of stitching on this seat are designed to give away one at a time. By so doing, they end up reducing forward movement by the baby in the event of an accident.

With such an innovative safety technology, any parent will be tempted to go beyond the basic safety features being offered by other infant car seats today. The various SafeCell components may be designed to carry out different functions, buy all work together to offer exceptional movement restriction and energy absorption.

Side Impact Protection

Not all car crashes are head on, right? Will your child be well protected in the event of a side impact? Well, this is another angle you need to approach your infant car seat choice from. The B Safe 35 is not just good at offering protection during head on collisions.

As a matter of fact, the product has several features aimed at offering optimal side impact protection. The functioning of the side-impact protection on this product is further enhanced by the energy-absorbent foam by the manufacturer to give your child the protection he/she needs.

Secure Harness System

With regards to safety offered by any infant car seat, the harness system is one of the things you should consider. Without an appropriate harness system, a car seat will not be able to secure the child properly to the seat. This alone will predispose the kid to all sorts of injuries should an accident occur.

Additionally, the wrong harness system can also predispose your child to harness-related injuries.  To overcome such challenges, the Britax B Safe 35 is equipped with one of the best harness systems in the industry today; a quick-adjust, no-thread harness system.

This harness system is comparatively easy to adjust and fits even new born babies. Assuming that the car gets involved in a frontal collision, the crash force will force the baby to move up the shell back of the seat.  As such, it is advisable to position the harness straps at or just below the baby’s shoulders. In such a position, the harness straps will be more effective at holding the child down in the car seat.

You will also find the secure no re-thread harness system on this product relatively easy to strap in place and adjust. In this regard, the product will allow you to easily adjust the shoulder height of the straps without disassembling the straps. Neither will you need to uninstall the seat from the car for you to do this.

2. Fit to Any Newborn or Infant

You do not want to end up with a product that is too small or oversized for your infant, do you? The B Safe 35 car seat is ideal for small newborns, not less than 4 pounds heavy and may be used for infants up to 35 pounds heavy. This being the case, it is actually possible to fit a preemie to the bottom slots of the product without the need for a head pad.

Owing to its adjustability, the product will offer a perfect fit for almost any infant or new born less than 32 inches tall. In this regard, the car seat is designed to fit any infant with a seated shoulder height of between 6.5 and 11 Inches.

To make this possible, the seat offers 4 different harness slot heights. Depending on the shoulder height of your baby while seated, you can choose the 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch or the 11-inch harness slot heights. Again, you will be able to choose any of the two crotch positions for the strap, depending on the size of your baby. All in all, a perfect harness fit will facilitate optimal protection and safety for your baby.

3. FAA Approved

As you will notice from the Notice label on this car seat, the product is FAA approved. For enhanced safety of the baby while flying, the FAA recommends that infants and newborns be restrained in an appropriate car seat, fastened to the airplane seat.

While this is the case, not all the car seats available today meet FAA requirements. The Britax B Safe 35 is one of the few products that meet FAA standards. As such, you can use the seat to restrain your baby in the car; plane or just carry them along with you while walking. This makes the B Safe 35 a more versatile car seat option.

4. Easy and Convenient Installation and Removal

Who wants to own a car seat that is difficult to install and remove or requires more of your valuable time to install and remove? Not you of course; the Britax B Safe 35 Infant Car Seat offers you the ease of use and convenience associated with the best LATCH installation systems today.

In this regard, the product is equipped with a SafeCenter Latch Installation system that features easy, centre pull straps. The center-pull straps are designed to clinch down with ease and fast. As such, you can easily and effortlessly achieve a secure installation with this product. As a matter of fact, you will only need a single hand to secure it in place.

Owing to its impeccable design, it is now possible to achieve a secure installation with or without the seat base, as described below in this Britax B Safe Car Seat review:

Installing the Seat with the Base

Installing the B Safe infant seat along with its base in your car is rather easy. Basically, the base has been proven to fit in almost any car available today. Therefore, the type of car you are using should not be a constraint. The base of the seat offers 3 different recline positions for enhanced comfort of the baby.  To release the recline foot, you need to use the button situated on the front end of the base.

To make things easier, you may need to adjust the recline once you have securely installed the seat base in your car.  However, this should not be hard to do, thanks to the indicators on either side of the base. These indicators will let you know once you have achieved the right recline.

To do this, you need to push the red button located at the top of the base. You should then press the lower anchor connector buttons, whilst pulling those outwards. You should let the indicators guide you while doing all this. As a guide, the arrow should be in between the red lines on the recline angle indicator.

Once that is done, you should attach the connectors to the correct lower anchors in your car. You need to push these firmly until you hear a ‘clicking’ sound. Finally, you should pull the strands at the middle of the seat base in order to tighten the lower anchors.

With the base in position, installing the seat should be a walk in the path. The LockOffs on the seat base are meant for use with lap and shoulder safety belts. You need to thread the safety belt through the belt path. You need to tighten the belt, especially the shoulder part of the belt, before threading it through the LockOff on the alternate side.

Installing the Seat Without the Base

Basically, it is more advisable to install the B Safe 35 car seat onto the appropriate seat base in your car. However, you may be in a hurry while transferring the seat from one car to another. If you do not have the time to install a base, you can still securely install the seat in your car without one. So, how should you go about this?

Basically, this type of installation requires you to run the lap and shoulder safety belt in your car through the belt guides on the infant car seat. In this case, you need to route the lap part of the belt through the guides without twisting it.  While doing this, you need to ensure that the recline line on the stickers on the sides of the seat are level.

For the best results, it is advisable to level the seat with the car parked on a flat surface. Once it is level, you should lock the safety belt in position. You should the push the part of the seat where the baby would be sitting forward. This is aimed at removing any belt slack on this part of the car seat.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, this product will offer a perfect fit for almost any infant right from the time they are born up and until they are 35 pounds heavy. This may be attributed to the adjustability offered by the car seat. With this product, you will actually have an easy time changing from one car to another.

In this regard, you can install the seat with its base or just install it directly without a base. In either case, the seat will be safe and secure enough for your child. In addition to an exceptional level of safety, you will also love the durability, quality and overall value for money offered by this car seat.

So, are you looking for enhanced comfort, impeccable looks or the best safety features in your infant car seat? Regardless of the features you are looking for, the Britax B Safe 35 infant car seat will never frustrate you.

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