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The 5 Best Cybex Infant Car Seats [Reviewed] – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Lately, an infant car seat has become an indispensable item to all parents. Putting in mind that there are so many different brands of infant car seats on the market, it can prove to be a hard task for parents looking for an ideal car seat for their baby.

Over time, there have been major breakthroughs that have occurred within infant car seat industry. That said this article has gone further and narrowed down to the best Cybex infant car seats because, among others, each of the Cybex products has proved to stand out in some type of way.

To help you make the right selection, outlined below are our five best Cybex infant car seats with factors to consider if you want to acquire any of these products.

The 5 Best Cybex Infant Car Seats

1. Cybex Cloud Q Plus Infant Car Seat –The Luxury Travel Seat

Cybex Cloud Q Plus Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing seat, weighs 13.9 pounds, and has been designed for babies up to 18 months. Being the latest innovation of the Cybex Company, the seats features a groundbreaking ergonomic design that offers a near flat recline position on the outside of the car.

The upshot of this design is a flawless phenomenal protection, making the seat outstanding during travels.

The seat also has 11 height adjustable positions at the headrest, an integrated harness guide, and a telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection system. The three features cumulatively offer more security by protecting the baby in case of a collision.

Additionally, the seat has a canopy that protects the baby from bright sunlight, and it can fold away when not in use.

The seat is designed with a removable newborn inlay that creates a supreme angle for reclining between the chest neck and head of the baby to reduce chances of suffocation. The inlay can be removed as your baby grows to provide more space and comfort.

  • Ergonomic
  • Very comfortable
  • Best for traveling
  • Not easy to install

2. Cybex Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0 – The Convertible Car Seat

Cybex Sirona M SonsorSafe 2.0 is one of the latest infant car seats of the Cybex Infant Car Seat family. The car seat is designed to support babies from birth to babies weighing 65 pounds (4 years), and most importantly, the seat is convertible. Convertible in this context means it allows both rear and forward facing installation.

The seat is made with a well-harmonized Sensorsafe (2.0) Technology that helps in monitoring the comfort of the baby while travelling. The technology involves a smart-chest clip that is synchronized with an installed car receiver and your smartphone.

The three items work hand in hand alerting you in different situations to safeguard the baby’s safety and comfort. For instance, the system notifies you; when the baby unbuckles while the vehicle is in motion, when you unintentionally leave the car forgetting the baby, if your baby has been sitting for too long and or when the seat becomes too cold or warm. All these done by a user-friendly application installed on your smartphone.

The seat is made with a Linear Side-Impact-Protection System and a 12 height adjustable positions at the headrest that offer more protection to the baby.

  • Convertible hence compatible
  • Integrated technology for easy baby monitoring
  • Does not hook into a stroller
  • Heavy

3. Cybex Aton M Car Seat with SafeLock Base – The Safest Car Seat

Cybex Aton M car seat is the safest infant car seat thoughtfully designed with innovative safety features that provide additional protection as your baby grows. The safety features, which consist of 11 height adjustable positions at the headrest and a Linear Side-Impact Protection System, make this infant car seat very secure.

The seat weighs 12.4 pounds (base exclusive) and is designed for babies right from birth up until 35 pounds. The adjustable headrest together with the integrated quick-adjust harness system (5-point) support babies of up to 30 inches tall.

The seat also has a large UPF canopy that protects the baby from direct sunshine or bright light. The canopy folds away easily and gives the seat a compact look when not in use.

The load leg feature highly adjustable in terms of height makes this seat ideal during impact. Reason being that it is able to pick up crash forces and then distribute them in a very effective way.

  • Latch compatible
  • Compatible with Cybex strollers and other selected strollers
  • Certified for aircraft purposes
  • Easy handle to carry
  • Pricey

4. Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat – An Ultra-Light-weight Car Seat

Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat is popular for its lightweight (9 pounds) properties and is designed for babies of 4 to 35 pounds and maxing out at 30 inches tall.

Despite its lightweight design, the seat is equipped with all features present in other high-end Cybex car seats. The seat provides your baby with a snug fit and a plush environment as well as staying comfortable for you every day.

It is a rear-facing infant car seat with excellent Side Impact Protection, which together with the EPS foam absorbs shock and impact during a collision, therefore, protecting the baby.

The seat is designed with an extendable integrated designer canopy that offers additional protection from bright light or direct sunlight.

The Cybex Aton 2 is a proven travel system due to its featherweight nature as well as being compatible with most Cybex strollers.

The seat also features a removable newborn inlay that creates more space and provides comfort for bigger babies.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Not adjustable

5. Cybex Aton Q Plus Infant Car Seat – Safety Design Car Seat

Cybex Aton Q Plus Infant Car Seat is a popular maximum safety provider weighing 11.6 pounds. The car seat is rear facing, features innovative technologies, and an iconic design, which makes the seat suitable for babies from birth to approximately 18 months.

The seat features a brilliant Side-Impact-Protection and has 8 levels of adjustable height positions at the headrest. The two combine to form a system that elevates comfort and safety for your baby.

Additionally, the seat has an extra-large canopy that easily folds away when not in use for an integrated clean look. When ejected the integrated large canopy protects the baby from bright light.

The seat has a load Leg feature that keeps the seat in a firm position in the event of a collision by preventing it from rotating. The load leg also supports the body, neck and the head of the baby by transferring the energy to the floor of the vehicle.

  • Offers more safety
  • Are more comfortable
  • Canopy is less durable
  • The packaging of the car seat is detailed and not easy

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Cybex Infant Car Seat

While on the market, you have to consider a number of factors before you get an infant seat that will suit your baby. Below are some of the most important factors that you will need to consider.

The Kind of Car Seats You Need

You will need to understand that infant car seats are of four different types:

  • Infant Car Seats

These seats are meant for small babies who are newly born and or babies are not more than a year old. Most of these seats are made with a handle to help to haul your baby and can easily snap into a portable base installed in your car for convenient boarding as well as removing the seat from the car.

The advantage of infant car seats is that the car seat bases can be purchased individually. That means that if you have more than one car then it is easy to move your baby seat from one car to another and it saves you from having to buy a number of seats.

Most of these seats are rear facing and carry babies of approximately 30 pounds. However, some of the babies outgrow the seats, and may, as a result, mean that you will eventually have to purchase a convertible seat.

The Cybex Aton 2 is the ideal Infant car seat.

  • Convertible Car Seats

Convertible seats are designed to carry your baby from infancy through toddler-hood. They are relatively bigger in size and definitely weigh more than infant car seats.

The advantage of the convertible car seats is that they not only support babies who weigh up to 60 pounds but can also be installed facing either side of the seat depending on the appropriate weight and height limit of the baby.

The best convertible Cybex car seat is Cybex Sirona M SonsorSafe 2.0

  • Travel Systems

These are ubiquitous adorable stroller car seat combination systems that can be used both in the neighborhoods and at the shopping mall. Most parents prefer these kinds of seats because they are cheaper as compared to buying a stroller and a car seat separately.

Choosing the best travel system will make your journey very enjoyable, and the Cybex Cloud Q Plus Infant Car Seat provides just that.

  • All In One Car Seats

Just like convertible seats, the all in one sear popularly known as 3 in 1 seats can be switched from a forward facing position to a rear-facing position and vice versa. The seat can be used as a booster for older babies who weigh up to 100 pounds.

They are generally very huge and heavier than an average convertible seat, and because they are sturdy and accommodate older babies, they can be quite pricey.

How the Car Seat Fits In Your Car

It is always important to take the size of your car into your consideration when you are looking for a baby seat. Some cars have a small room in the back seat, and it means that it will be hard to fit an all-in-one or a convertible seat in a rear-facing position.

Check the information on respective websites of your merchants if you are uncertain about the size of the car seat you may need in regards to your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can as well ask the storekeepers to assist you by trying the floor model before you decide to make the appropriate Cybex infant car seat purchase.

Safety Features You Should Look For

Aside from the typical safety features that every infant car seat have, the Cybex infant car seats have specially designed features which makes them stand out from the rest.

Most Cybex Infant seats not only have a canopy to protect the baby from bright light but are also designed with a telescopic side impact protection that offers more safety.

Different Cybex infant car seats have different ranges in the number of adjustable positions at the headrests. Cybex Sirona M SonsorSafe 2.0 has the most adjustable positions (12) closely followed by The Cybex Cloud Q Plus and Cybex ATON M I-SIZE Lavastone both having 11 height adjustable positions. Cybex Aton Q Plus has the lowest number of adjustable positions (8).

The adjustable headrest positions should be put into consideration because car seats with more adjustable headrest positions are better because they offer enough support to your growing baby.

Our Final Verdict

Keeping your baby safe while travelling or schlepping is very important to every parent. There has been a massive innovation in the market especially for the Cybex products as observed in this article.

The most important things to consider when buying your Cybex infant car seat is the height adjustable headrest, positioning, and compatibility. These two unique features make Cybex products stand out.

However, lest you forget, the size of the seat in correspondence with the size of your car is also very important. By going through the factors to consider mentioned above, you should be able to choose the best Cybex car seat for your baby.

Which among the mentioned Cybex infant car seats do you think is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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